First Ramadhan Feast

Thanks to one of our officemates (actually, two of them, husband and wife) for inviting me and all the “bujang” staffs to berbuka puasa with them. At first, I was a bit reluctant to go. Coz I was the only girl they invited (most of the ladies are already married, of course they can’t commit). But later, I decided to drag along my housemate. So, ok la. It’s like a kenduri many dishes. The menus are

1- Nasi tomato and nasi putih
2- Ketam bercili
3- Daging kerutub (my favorite!)
4- Kari ayam
5- Udang masak merah
6- Mixed veggies
7- Bawal masak masam manis
8- Telur rebus with salad
9- Kurma (of course!) and also fruits like apples and oranges

The berbuka puasa was so meriah la.. With us (the officemates, bujang sahaja) and their relatives. After the sumptuous berbuka, all the men solat berjemaah. The ladies, sendiri2 laa…

I thot it was time to say goodbye after the men complete their solat..but all the guys attack the kitchen one more time to continue makannnn…arghh….my stomach was ready to explode dah…tak boleh laa…


rough said…
makan makan makan...itu je ler.

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