Lapar le....

I'm having a headache and also hunggryyyy at this very moment. I didn't take my lunch today, thinking that I could stomach the whole muffin (which I bought at Awana) and still not feeling hungry all day long. The muffin was huge! I was wrong!My headache? So many things to think of. On top of the list is: I have to pay the income tax. Last year, they owe me but this year, I'm paying. Not fun at all! And then, my car insurance is due next month, my car also needs to be serviced by end of the week, my bandung trip next month. All of the sudden, I feel that my planning has gone wrong.

However, it wasn't as bad as it seems. I've already prepared for this. Even though I overlook few things, it is still within my control. Spending money on things that you like is heavenly and on things that you are forced to pay...not nice at all...But still, I'm facing the world with positive attitude.

Yesterday, I called one of my dearest friends. Just to say hi and have the latest chat with her. She is currently 7 months pregnant. Another pregger in my list of friends. I know she will be a fantastic mom! (p/s: yus, if the baby's a girl, name her after me k..hehehehe). I also tried contacted another friend, also a pregger but she's not returning my calls. Maybe she's bz with sthing else. She is the major topic disscussed in the chain of email between me and fellow Kerteh friends. I heard she got a new job but dunno where.

Well, next week, I'm going to my company's family day. Can't wait for that. It will be held at Summerset Endau Rompin. The last time was at A Famosa water world. I had so much fun in melaka (put aside that I am a Melakan) and hope this one does too. I've prepared my dinner attire (simple...but sweet) and I wish that I am one of the lucky ones in the Lucky Draw.

Also, for Bandung trip, there might be some changes in the plan. We might be going to Jakarta instead. Some friends say that Jakarta is better than Bandung. I don't mind. Shopping is what matters...:p


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