Down with fever

I just couldn't sleep the whole nite last nite. It was a nitemare. I felt roasted in my own room. It was so damn hot. I thought it was the weather but it was me. For someone who rarely get sick, this is a disaster. Believe me, I've tried everything to get myself into sleep. This morning, unlike any other Friday morning, my Subuh prayer is at 630am. I was getting headache all day (yup, also at this very moment). This could be my first MC of the year but hell, it's off day. Pandai betul penyakit aku datang masa cuti..

But luckily, I was feeling better now (that's why I'm blogging). Turn out that it is that day of the month. Crap!

I had one bad experience on this fever thinging. Last year, I had this one critical project. Everyone else (other dept) is waiting for me to complete so that they can proceed with their job. I worked very hard. However, on the day that I should submit my documentation to the client so that the rest can proceed, I was down with fever. I think it was due to the pressure. I couldn't even get up from my bed. With shaky hands, I called my boss and told him of my condition. He freaked out but also he knew that it was out of his hands.However, since I have promised the client the documents, I told my boss that I still come to the office when I get better. After feeling slightly better, I dragged myself from my bed and drive to the office. I was sick as a dog but I have no choice. I managed to complete the job and submit them but...there were so many errors in the report. You can imagine how furious is the client. I took the blame becoz it was almost impossible to tell ur client that u were sick. They didn't really care.All they want is get their job done on time.

Somehow, whenever I get sick, it just reminds me that I'm a human after all. There were times when I thought that I wasn't normal. I rarely have fever. The only sickness that I often get is flu. I get headache all the time but that's normal, looking at the nature of my works. Sometimes, I think, we can control our sickness. It's all in ur head. Like me, I could still be on my bed at this very moment if I still think that I'm sick. I didn't sleep the whole nite. Yet, here I am. Few hours before, I thought I couldn't go anywhere but sleeping on my bed but now, the trip to Chukai seems sooo enticing.


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