Item that I won

Item that I got

Last week, in lelong website, I bid for a chess set. I won. Let the pix above speak for itself. I don't really mind actually but quite dissappointed with the seller. Internet trading is not something new to me. But I never tried lelong website before. I prefer ebay. The items might not be that much but the transaction is always smooth and I never has any problem with any of the items that I bought. The seller hasn't responded yet. I think, maybe he/she forgot that I won the black piece and not the white piece instead. I didn't rate this seller yet and I have no intention to. But thanks to him/her, I was rated good buyer.

So, the real question here, what am I going to do with it? I dunno. I saw my friend bought one and hell, I'm interested too. My female friends suggested it for "perhiasan". Girls will always be girls... But male friends suggested to use it for what it is. For now, it's still in the box. But I have already identified few opponents. They might be interested to hone their skills...But am I a good player? You have to challenge me to know it...:)))


rough said…
wow...nice nampaknyer
hehehe...takper la dah ade tuh jadikkan perhiasan ok jerk.

nak challenge aku, mmg kalah la aku ekekeke...tak pandai di situ
HELME said…
apa lagi? Jom kita main...tapi memula tu kau kena la bg tunjuk ajar dulu. The 1st game - 1st time - was not bad kan? Anda tercabar?? hahaha

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