Impulse Buyer, aren't you?

I just don't know how to describe myself anymore....I could be very stingy in buying things, even it is very important to buying contact lenses (I kept delaying buying it even it cost me only rm50!)..but on things that I didn't plan to buy at all at this time of the year, without even giving myself the time to think, it's already been packed! Arghh...And why the pix of this camera here? I think you can already guess what is the "thing" that I bought.
What drives this impluse buying? The usual tag line from the seller, " promotion time, cheap to buy, with added accessories, etc..." But nope, that wasn't good enuff reason...The actual reason is, I'm getting sooo fed-up with my current Casio-Exilim Z-1110 that I just wanna throw it away and buy a new camera which says "I'm better than the Casio". No, still I can't forgive myself for buying it yet..Of course, it's credit card (do you think I have enuff cash?!)..Sometimes I just wanna place my credit card in a better place than my wallet...the dustbin...
That's the bad thing of having this many people has been saying it, I know...but I just can't resist the's sooo know, in the middle of the month, cash-strapped, yet, when you see things that you realllyyy like, it's like that thing is not gonna wait for you. "Only 1 left, get it before it's too late"...and you know what, before you know it, it's been swiped and you already sign badd.....
With this new camera, you can say that I have to starve my credit card for another 3 months or so...I cannot buy anymore, but...will it work? I've been trapped so many times, that I really wanna kick someone, and that someone is I hate myself soooo muchhhh!!!


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