Hi, this is the first time me writing AND creating a blog. Well, I am surely tempted after reading my friends' blog, which to me is FABOLOUS! They are such creative people (read: put, zai, ralph, etc)! Actually, I was a bit reluctant to do this at first. Well, few years back, I would say that this is a "must" thing to do. Most of friends know that I am a tech-savvy, and still, not having a blog? Common! Yep, sad to say that my working nature now is not the same as the previous years. My working time from 8 to 5 is still not sufficient for me to complete all the jobs necesarry, and I have to add extra hours to it nearly every day and plus (sigh!) on weekend as well..And still, more and more are coming..hmmm...is it just me or everyone else is actually experiencing the same thing?

But today, I feel like doing it, and this is the outcome! Well, I sure hope this won't be the last..I have to allocate my time to write now...hmmm....not that hard right? We'll see :))


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