Moshi, Moshi

I have been pestering my best friend on trip to Japan. Initially, I wanted to go alone. But then she wanted to tag along. Being me, I would love to plan and book everything early, so that I can get the cheapest price ticket and the best accommodation. Since we planned (actually I plan) to go during cherry blossom season, the crowd is expected. I don't want to be too ambitious, hence I planned for short stay here since things are unpredictable nowadays. with shorter days there, I can focus only on Tokyo. I tailor made this trip so that it will not go above 5k all in. Pretty impossible, right? with the plunging ringgit. But I was so adamant on making it a reality, like what I did in my Seoul trip last winter. Stick to budget and only go to places that I really want to go.

So, the first step to really confirm whether we are going or not, is to buy the flight tickets. Once we have the tickets, other things can start to fall into places. When I checked in November, flight ticket is around 1.5k but there are a lot of choices. I would love to book via Mypyo again like what I did last winter. Mypyo is Malaysian travel agency and I'm quite confident booking thru it. But my friend had this nervous breakdown because her company is retrenching people and she was afraid that her name will be on the list. I am not gonna say that I am confident of not being retrenched but this feeling of uncertainty is just killing me and the only way out is to start planning for a trip which I know gonna take my mind off somewhere. Last year, I made that trip to Seoul since I dunno if I will be travelling again. That was the feeling a year ago and I am feeling the same thing, even a year later. I just hate it. I am not going to do Europe again now because that is suicidal and that's why I think Tokyo is just the right place though I started to regret it a bit now, after seeing the expenses there.

So, somehow, I managed to secure tickets for us yesterday after much persuading. Everyday, the number of cheap tickets is declining. Mypro no longer have the promotional price ticket. I am so disheartened. when she said yes to proceed, I straightway bought a ticket. This time thru gotogate. The price is more than what I expected but still cheap. Before this I wasn't really confident with this website and after reading few positive reviews, it is enough to let me put my money there. so now, we already have a return ticket to Japan in March. yeayyyy..

I have also done some research on the accommodation. but it's too soon to tell my friend about it. but there are already few places that I like which has been fully booked on the date we will be in Tokyo. so, maybe I need to push my friend a bit or let me book accommodation before I can just relax and enjoy planning how our day to day gonna be in Tokyo.

Cant wait. May 2017, pls come faster!


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