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My last post was in March 17, 2013. About my Baba. A sad post indeed. How long has it been? More than 3 years? Can never imagine I would start blog again. I would say, the reason I stop blogging altogether is because of the social media. Suddenly we have Facebook, boom! everyone is glued. Then came Instagram, absolute monster, very addictive and data hogger. So what has happened since the last 3 tears?

End of 2013- still single, still working in the company that I worked since 2008. Travel? Where did I go to? I went to Ho Chi Minh and also my second trip to Korea for Autumn foliage. And yeah, I met someone I wish I never met. I never learn, aite?

2014- still single (my life is boring, and that someone I wish I never met, lets' just wipe him from my life history though I still met him, not dating though, complicated), went to Europe for second time, this time went to East Europe, starting from Frankfurt, to Berlin, to Prague, to Vienna (also a day detour to Budapest) via train. Then fly to Rome, Florence and lastly Paris. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. This time I went with 3 of my best friends. Will I write about it? Not sure. Oh yeah, did I mention that I bought another house this time? Located near KL center, at Sri Gombak. Very expensive studio which cost me RM313K. Is it worth buying? I don't think so, but that's the only price I can afford. I already have a 3 room house in Melaka, I dun need another big house in KL. And I'm still single, if I were to get married (seriously, in 2014, I still have a flicker of hope, though not so much), my hubby has to buy the house for us. Period.

2015- A year which started shaky because of oil price falling. For those in the dark, I work in a big consultant company for oil n gas industry. The pay is good, above the average salary. Well, that;s why I can afford another house and another Europe trip. However, as the saying goes "langit tidak selalu cerah". Or in English, the good fortune does not last forever. Retrenchment and more retrenchment. When I joined my company, there was about 1500 employees. But now, in 2016, only left with 300++ employees. Crazy? Yup crazzeeeeeyyyyy. The heart ache seeing your friends go one by one is just heartbreaking. It's as if seeing pieces of you being taken away. Tough year, yes. And me and my friends decided to slow down on our travel plan. None of us dared to go anywhere (plus, ringgit is going down the drain). Amid the heart ache, insecurity of the job at hands (it feels like you can loose your job the next day you came to the office), I decided to travel to Seoul in winter 2015. Because I am tired of overthinking and just decided to fly out of Malaysia. And this was planned like a month before my departure because I wasn't really sure. For those who knows me, I always plan in advance everytime I travel. 3 or 6 months ahead. this time around, I just decide to go, buy the ticket and just think where I want to go. There is no proper planning at all. And yeah, this is the year I decided to cut the ties with that "someone I wish I never met". Block him from my contact, out of sight, out of mind.

2016- actually as I am blogging this, its already December. And I realized my life story is about my travelling. Its; because I am still single, not much things take up space in my life. There is not much to tell about my family. Oh yeah, maybe now I am a proud aunt of 2 cute lil boys. But there is nothing much to tell. I would like to tell more on my job, the thing that takes most of my time but I am so stress with it and I don't want to write about things that stressed me out. Ok, so what else has happened in 2016? Trip to Lombok, but that is also not something I want to tell. It was just a trip that I didn't enjoy. so, I guess 2016 is nothing, right?

After going through these 3 years, not much things has changed since I last blogged. The only big thing is, before 2013, I don't have to worry about my career. It was the year where the oil price at peak, nearing USD120 per barrel. Projects are booming left and right, every company is hiring and you are free to go anywhere you want. But sadly, things has changed now. Well, why would I blog about this sad thing? arghhh...now I'm mad with myself.

Come 2017, another dark period is expected but I want it to be a happy one. I have already set my sight on Tokyo in march 2017. Really looking forward it though I still did not buy any ticket yet because I'm waiting for confirmation from my friend whether she wanted to join me or I will just fly solo. Err..did I tell you that my Seoul trip in 2015 is a solo trip. Yes, it is because none of my friends wanted to join, but since it's Seoul, I can already consider myself an expert here :p.

So, welcome 2017. And wow, welcome to blog world again, Herlina!


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