Raya, raya, raya!!!

So, what am I going to put on my blog today? Since the last 4 days, I am so determine to pen a blog a day...well, maybe minus the weekend coz I have no internet access...huhu...but I have my hp...shud i blog from there? hmmm...we'll see......

I went berbuka puasa with my friends yesterday. He's taking a break after being in other foreign country for few months and will be heading back there just before raya...well, he's hoping to be able able to celebrate raya here anyway and will make sure everything in his power to enable that, else, raya sorang laaa....huhu...but at least, he doesn't really has to worry about giving out duit raya ok....it's definitely on my list every raya. well, sedekahla once a year kan?

Let's see my checklist for raya:
1- Baju raya - check and uncheck. I have only 1 pair now. Need another one and I'm still thinking whether to get a fancy and more expensive or just plain cotton (err...cotton is in nowadays)

2- Sandal- hmmm...still weighing whether to get a new one or just use the existing pair that I just got myself few months back. But yesterday, I saw one at Pavillion and it's oh-so-pretty-i-fall-in-love-with, but a bit pricey but sooooo very pretty!!

3-Handbag-After going thru my handbags, none are really practical for raya. I need a new one!! huhu...shud i get from Isetan? still thinking.....

4- Duit raya- well, I have list out the eligible recipients. Maybe this year it is less coz some of my cousins have grown up. It's always giving me headache each year on shud i or shudn't i give? As year goes by, even tho my salary keeps increasing, but still, my money decreasing....ayarkk....am I a big spender or what??

5-Kuih raya- well, I've booked few kueh raya and my sister already sms me to sponsor her the ingredients for kueh raya she's willing to make....

That's basically my list. Hell, I'm NOT even married yet!


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