I'm depressed!!

Yeah.....so depressed!! I was anxiously waiting for the latest update on my new addiction: Summer Desire, a Taiwan drama and it really kills me when it is not yet on the net. I have until now downloaded till episode 13. I dun know how many more episodes in this drama since it is still airing in Taiwan. Since the drama is based on a novel, so I google for the novel. Boy, maybe not a smart move since I know the ending already!...I was hoping it to be the ending I want, the heroin with my hero, but it turns out that the second hero is the winner....Maybe I'll just stop watching it altogether since I dun want to be dissappointed. huhuhu...But at least I dun have to worry on how I'm gonna watch it after this. My last day here in my current company is next week. Not so much time to download!!

This is why I need a broadband on my own....sighh....


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