Storm Warriors....

i cudn't believe my luck..i was planning to watch this muvie since i saw the trailer few months back. i initially planned to watch it with a friend. but later, cancelled it. but i still wanna watch the's not ez finding friends who has the same interest in chinese muvie, at least not for last resort is to watch it on dvd...

a fate wants it, just before the office hour ended on friday, my officemates were discussing bout hot muvies now and i was eavesdropping when i heard them mentioned "Storm Warriors". i quickly "racun" them to watch the muvie. when they obliged, i wanted to jump for joy!

since the office hour ended at 12pm, we chose to book the show at 245pm. since the guys went to friday prayer, i was responsible to pick the ticket at eat 45 minutes before screening time, else, our booking is invalid.

most of us had watched the previous installment, torm Riders, and we all agreed it was a good muvie. we hoped it's better this 245pm, we were all seated and ready to watch the muvie of the we thot....

for the first hour, i was surprised when my colleague next to me informed me that one of us had fallen asleep. wa it that boring? at that time, i can still bear it. but i have this uneasiness, whenever i looked at Wind (Ekin Cheng), he looks so much older. ok, so, he was young 10 years ago. but when i compared him to Cloud (Aaron Kwok), that didn't justify it. Aaron still looks a what he looks like 10 years ago!..i can't help it!!

ok, so i got over the feeling to compare. it's not that important anyway for the muvie. the most important i, how gud the muvie was. ok, i get it when they wanted to beat Lord Godless for wanting to invade China..and FINALLY....he was beaten by Fung and Wan, i thot the muvie is over. i was ready to clap and give my verdict...B+ or A-

Warning, Spoiler ahead (for those who has not watched it, i was about to spill everything, stop!)

however, since Wind has to become evil to beat the Lord Godless, the directors and producers felt like it is their obligation to return him to his normal self. but i never thot that they intend to make another muvie out of it! there i was, sitting for another hour, watching the battle between Wind and Cloud, so that Wind is back to his selfless way. Along the battle, Cloud's gf, Chu Chu is killed. So, finally Cloud decided to use his sword against Wind. When the sword cut Wind's forehead, finally Wind is back to normal....ahhhh....then i thot they are gonna proceed telling me what happens to the DRagon Bone, the one thing they pledge their life over since it determines the fate of China. but it didn't happen. here i was, seeing Wind regretting his killing Chu Chu with Er Meng beside him and Cloud is gone...END....what the hell!!

I was frustrated coz:

1- i'm watching 2 muvies in one muvie
2- i paid rm12 for this
3- it looks like they are gonna make another muvie rite after this one
4- I made my colleague watched it with me..

so, what am i to do? the next time we want to watch muvie together, it has to be their picking. i have no say. argghhh..hopefully, they don't make me watch stupid muvies..

So, the final verdict: C-...

Sorry guys, i really lurve the comic but the muvie is so overwhelming to me. Too many fighting scenes. maybe they can make it simple the next time. and that if only i decided to watch it...maybe we need a new breed of WInd and Cloud. i dun know. but i really love ekin and aaron..

so, what say you?


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