The trip to Singapore started right after KK trip in July...the planning doesn't take so much time..after confirming who's going (Izan, yati and me), we bought the ticket straight away...since singapore is quite a hot destination, especially we plan to go during christmas, we cudn't get the price ticket we want. but still, cheap la, around rm200++ each.

finding place to stay is difficult since it's peak time. initially, we wanted to go for fragrance hotel and the likes, but decided aginst it after comparing the prices. there are places that is quite cheap, but it's whether it's in da red-light district (hooker area) or very far from public transport. finally, we decided to pick Hotel Alternative. it's located on the Grange Road, bout 10 minutes walk to Orchard Road and accessible with bus. initially we thot that this place is very near mrt (every hotel claims that they are near mrt, but trust me, NOT that near), but only when we got there, did we realize that it's not. but fear not, the bus here is VERY efficient. and it will get you everywhere you wanna go, provided that you know how to link the roads (get your sinapore map ready with you ALL the time)...we only boarded the mrt when we arrived at changi and wanted to reach our hotel. the rest of the time we are here, we use buses! so, maybe, instead of finding hotel which is near to mrt, maybe you shud opt for buses instead...

once reaching our hotel, we were quite surprised that it's not really a hotel, rather a modified kondo, with several rooms. our room is nice. comfy for three people and the bathroom is nice too. we almost forgot that we have other housemates as well since we almost didn't bump into each other. furthermore, who wud want to stay in da room when you can explore at max, right?...

the food here, ermmm...not so easy to find halal food. my advice is, do check around for halal food on the net. most fast food like burger king and kfc is halal, but to be on the safe side, do check out the halal signage from Singapore Muslim authority.

First Day

once arrived, we decided to check out orchard road. since grange road is beside orchard road, walking is the most economical way...hehe...only 10 to 15 minutes walk, ok, the crime rate is quite low. and the police is almost everywhere, maybe that explains it. but still, be careful when you are in a crowded place. since yati is not well, only izan and me walk to orchard road. yati decided to join us for the nite walk. we went to ion orchard and lucky plaza. ion orchard is high end shopping malls, like klcc, but again, almost all the shopping malls along the orchard road looks like klcc...branded items everywhere....since i decided not to buy anything expensive, i just go from shops to shops...window shopping....

lucky plaza is a differnt story. i've been aiming to buy perfumes here since it's quite cheap here. yes, it's indeed cheaper than all the malls, airport, etc. plus, you can bargain for the price. do survey around. i didn't do that. i was just so tired from walking from malls to malls (u just have to check the underpass), so i just grab the perfumes i saw in da first shop i went. turned up, i cud get cheaper prices at other shops. adehhh...nyesal...the price difference is about sgd10 per perfume k!!! about rm25, byak tuhh....also, here at lucky plaza, lotsa souvenirs sold. IF you didn't plan to go to bugis street, mustaffa center or chinatown, lucky plaza is the best place to buy souvenirs. all other places i mentioned selling the same souvenirs but at rock bottom prices. nyesal lagi....

at nite, when yati is a lil ok, we went to walk again to orchard road. OMG! there are soooooo many people there and wat a view!! the lights are really making every tiredness in ur body melted away. soooo pretty, with unusual deco. i just lurve orchard road! we walk like there's no yesterday. and the number of people keep growing by the minute! we walked home without a slightest fear in our heart, since it's quite safe here (but maybe other places in singapore not that safe? i dunno)

Second Day

today, we decided to check out sentosa island and nite safari. after doing some research, i found out that sentosa actually has lil to offer to, i wasn't that excited. but my friends are. we reached sentosa quite early. about 930am. and maybe becoz it was christmas eve, everyone was out dancing the nite over and letting us enjoy the morning at sentosa. we went to underworld. since i've been to seaworld in gold coast, i cudn't keep myself from comparing (i know it's not fair, but i just cudn't help it), and underworld disappoint me. i decided not to commnet much since maybe there are people who really likes underworld. some people said it's better than langkawi underworld, though.

after underworld, we went to 4d magix at imbiah lookout. ok la, satisfying. as for the other stuffs, we decided to pass. not in da mood to do all the adventerous thingy or roller coaster. maybe i shud wait for new universal studio. we can already see the fab roller coaster. can't wait!! we later decided to go back.

upon reacing harbour front (this is where you shud take the bus to sentosa. yes, we didn't get to ride the cable car as it is under the construction), we saw vivo city. nice and gleaming building. we decided to check it out. the electronics here is nice but the price is almost the same as wat we have here in m'sia but the lcd tvs are really cheap. but i can't really lug it into my luggage and board home right? also, i saw some discounted GUESS purse. quite cheap la compared to here but decided to check elsewhere. the discount not good enuff, but later, even with lower price, my friends said no. coz i already own one. maybe it's time to buy other brand.

we got to our hotel to freshen up and sempatla take a short nap. later, it rained quite heavily. it really halted our plan to go to nite safari. so wat did we do? go to orchard road once the rain stopped. hehehe...this time, we decided to take a differnet route, entering orchard road from the other end of the road. the day before, we enterd orchard road from wheelock place. tonite, it's from ngee ann city. takashimaya is really the spitting image of klcc (yeah, another klcc...). the number of people doesn't seem to diminish. they are still a lot of people here. pictures here and there....(no pix on this topic since uploading takes some time)..

Third Day

Today, it's exploring the outer city of singapore. we went to Empress Place, Merlion Park, Suntec City, Bugis Street and Arab Street.

We went to all of this place by either boarding buses or walking. At Empress Place, we went to Raffles statue, fullerton building and a beatiful bridge (forgot the name). really nice scenery and looks good on camera! we then walk to merlion park. sooo many people here also. we took pictures of merlion (of course), esplanade and singapore flyer. we also saw some construction on marina bay sands. it's going to be one hell of a building. one thing i notice here in singapore, it's the heaven for architects since there are many shapes of buildings. really nice and picturesque.

From Merliom Park, we went to Suntec City by bus. the reason we went here? we want to take picture of fountain of wealth. rememebr cyril, the magician? he was here to do magic trick where the water here turns to cash..lotsa cash. it's really pretty here with the fountain being surrounded by the famous five towers. many chinese go here and touch the water, maybe for blessing?

From Suntec City, we went to Bugis street. here, it's like petaling street. there are just abundance of souvenirs, clothes, shoes, everything. at the rock bottom price. you will go nearly mad. i bought quite a few stuffs here and happy with my purchase.. also, we found a perfume shop selling perfume at low price, almost like lucky plaza. so, another round of perfumes!! (well, actually, there are purchases for my officemates. i bought burberry the beat at lucky plaza already and the price is still cheaper than m'sia)..from bugis street, we walked to arab street. it was raining when we got out from bugis street. but we just brave the rain and got to arab street. makan time!! opposite masjid sultan, we ate at victory restaurant selling briayani and murtabak singapore. ok, not bad! but since my stomach is full with winds, i cudn't eat much.

after eating, we decided to walk around. there are many shops selling fabrics. our initial intention is just to look around and take pictures, but once we got into one of the shops, we bought things from there. the price is not that cheap after converting to rm, but, hey, i dunno when else i'm gonna be here, so i just let myself loose a bit.

we walked back happy and with plastic bags full with stuffs. :)))

since our flight back home is 740am, we decided to sleep early and book a cab to changi. yeah, forgot to mention that all the taxi here use meter. but there are extra charges when you call them, or the taxi was called at midnite (12am to 6am). ours is sgd30. but since there are three of us, ok la.

so, wat is the first thing i do once reaching home? uploading pix to facebook. hehehe


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