My life these past few days......

I can't wait for this sunday..treasure hunt!! my colleagues and i signed up for the sun motorhunt. it's called the mother of all hunts in malaysia, which clearly shows how famous it is. i didn't know bout this hunt before coz i was living on the other side of the world since nov 2008. if u know wat i mean. if u don't well, i live in kerteh before!! hehe..

my grup went to the briefing last wednesday. this is the 1st timer for all of us.. i am really scarred coz the sample of questions are pretty tough. can we really win it? not sure. but out of 285 cars, 170 cars will get the prize. i am not aiming for the 1st prize, the 170th oun ok laaa...haha...

hey, i watched Pisau Cukur yesterday nite. I LURVEEEE it!! It makes me laugh and the plot are pretty good. dfntly not the typical malay muvie. kudos to fazura...i also loikeee rafida 3r. she really makes the impression in the muvie. maybe becoz she's the script writer?

on another note, i'm quite jeles with some of my friends who are now i guess is already in the flight to london...have a safe and fun journey u guys! 2 of my best friends are also heading in that direction this december. sorry i cudn't follow u guys, i'm off to singapore. yeah, singapore comparing to london?? but i just cudn't follow u guys. i have next year mapped out for sthing bigger. my budget are quite limited. but i oh-so-wanna-go to london!!! and touring europe as well...wish me the very best of luck!!


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