Emergency leave

Last 2 days, while resting in da office (work quite slow pun skrg nih), my sister called me..she was crying...all I can hear is " Kak, mak dah pergi..."..I was like whattttt?? I tried to stand up, trying to find clearer reception..and she kept crying..saying the same thing..I was brought back to the time when my other sister called me, crying and telling me Tam has just passed away...my mind went blank and my whole body just shut down....I collapsed...for a few seconds, my office went into chaos...but then, I managed to get up again and grab my phone..calling my sis again. I was calm this time...that's when she told me that my mother went out from my house to my grandma's house...hampehhhh.......but really, i cudn't take another death news after having 2 this year. and that person to be my mom?? no. i hope i am strong enuff when that time comes.

I later decided to drive home and meet my family in melaka. let me have some peace of mind....bole la settle kan ape2 yg patut pasal my new house. As of now, electricity and water is settled. Grille and lightings dah settle but installation not yet. Then, has to basuh rumah and complete the master bedroom....hope everything goes well...


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