Have you ever been in this situation? I bet!

While walking back from office to home, my mind was somehow preoccupied with stufs called "fairness". I was questioning myself why there are people that gets so lucky in their life and some are not. But then, I had to remind myself that is like going against my faith and beliefs. I shud stop. Period.

But, of course, every single one, every human being on this earth might be wondering the same things. We might be only looking at the physical and accountable things like money, wealth, career and looks. Often than not, we forgot about stuffs like feelings, family, etc.

I do get jealous when i heard that my friends bought expensive things, getting a skyrocketting salary and etc, however, I know, their life sometimes lack of things that I sometimes have. I always try to look at things positively. There's always a silver lining...Maybe we feel like life is not being fair to us. Yes, I admit I have said that. Is it going to get me anywhere? Nope..so leave it with open mind that somehow there are more unfortunate people than you.

One of the thing that I always feel that I'm lucky at is, I am truly blessed I am Malaysian. Inspite of all the funny political stories (that spread like wildfire around the world), we are still living here harmoniously, and I hope it still is for years to come. I also feel fortunate since I get to further my study and be an engineer, a profession that has started in my chemistry class in Form 4. Yes, not because I like the subject but the teacher..hehehe...

See, there are many things which feel fair. And now, when I feel that somehow Allah has given me all this, I feel I shud give some back to people who needs it. Making people happy is actually one of the greatest things in life. Sharing what you have is showing you care, right?!
Live your life, one step at a time.


niQue_naQ said…
hi babe :) this is the 3rd post ive read on this topic, this month saja hehe guess coming to the year end, people have started to look back and see what they have achieved and reflect on what they have and dont have..i guess its natural and human nature to look at others and compare ourselves :) but yr on the right track, the secret to the law of atrraction, you have to give more to get more (^_^)
herl said…
hurmm..i guess u r rite la nique...give more!!

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