So much for the thing we called JUSTICE

After so many bad incidents, I no longer have faith in our police department:

1- My sis lost her money in the bank (someone illigally took out her money,
how could THAT ever happen??)
2- My house in Melaka has been broken down by unknown thieves
3- My other sis lost her handphone to her friends, whom she knew very well
(including where she stays, her phone number and all)

Where do we report all this? To the police, of course! But I’m sad to say that there is no action taken at ALL after we reported it. It is as if the police department in Malaysia is not functioning! The most “sakit hati” case is when my sis lost her hp. She knew who the thief is, we even met her (she ran away anyway), knowing where she lives, even told her parents bout it. The other 2 cases might seem hard for the policemen to track who culprit is/are but what about the identified criminal? Why my sis didn’t get her hp yet and the criminal is still out there, enjoying her life?

Where is the JUSTICE?

Enough said!


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