Frustration is eating me inside out

I don't know what I'm posting. Read it if u want, comment it if u must, else, let it be..

Lately, I was troubled with few personal problems here and there and it is enough to affect my performance in the office. I was clumsy and make stupid mistakes, almost not forgivable for my level. I was worried about almost anything. For good reasons too. There are sooo much to tell but I’m afraid that this is not a medium to do it. I once thot that I can just post bout anything I want, no limit, no fear. But how so untrue.

We are living in the world of hypocrisy. Yeah, we practiced democracy in this country, but is it really true? So much for the freedom of speech! In ur dreamzz...You know it urself! If you have been an avid reader of my blog, you can almost tell who am I (my name), where I stay, where I work, the place I regularly hang out with friends, etc. I’m being so transparent here!

I know that some of my friends maintain their secrecy. I’m not complaining. It’s just that I’m being soooo frustrated here but I can’t voice it out. I have bigger problems. Not bout my friends but it is bout me. I do keep some part of me hidden far beneath me. I need a deviation and I need it so damn fast!


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