Planning for GC

With my easy access to internet at the office, it is easier to plan my trip to GC this coming October. Me and other 3 friends will spend bout a week there. The initial plan is to visit GC and nearby area but I don't think it's possible since the distance to other district is quite far. So, we will be visiting only GC this time (err, I'm not sure whether there'll be next time in GC but let's assume there IS next time, we never know)..

GC is mostly famous for its theme parks. I have identified 3 parks to be visited: Dreamworld, Movieworld and Seaworld. We also plan to do some shopping at Harbour Town and Pacific Fair. While browsing for opening hours for theme parks and shopping areas, I did notice that the opening hours is only till 5pm. Theme parks is OK but shopping?? Hmm...Should I be thankful for living in Malaysia since we can shop at nite? While discussing with my officemate whom studied in Germany, she told me that it's normal for the Western countries to close shop at 5. After 5 is time with friends and families. This is soo different from here.

So, mostly at nite, we'll be spending time at nite market or just lepak at hotel room, tidur laaa jawabnyer....For info, my friends plan to stay at Surfer Paradise, since it's like the central of GC with shopping complexes and theme parks nearby.


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