What an Election!

At first, I wanted to post bout my comment on Duyung movie, which I just saw it at cinema near me last Friday but I guess, while it is still hot, better to talk bout it. What else, the Election! Wow, I couldn;t believe it! I knew that the political sentiment at the east Coast (where I'm living in now) is strong. Since BN has won Terengganu last 4 years, it seems that PAS wanted to take over this year. But it didn't happen. I was quite surprised when I tuned in to Astro Awani last nite and saw quite a tsunami in the election result. The first thing that hit me was Samy Vellu lost. Pheww...People must have been dreaming bout that, huh? Other big thing is, Penang was won by DAP! How rare is that news? You could never imagine that could happen. And as I'm blogging now, I just read that Kedah, Selangor and Perak might have other ruler, not BN anymore! Hmm..it is really something....


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