Shooting blank

I just had HAZOP few days before and now I have to ammend my works, where it is applicable. Well, for those in the dark bout HAZOP, it stands for Hazard and Operability Study..More explanation? Google it. ..

When I have the time, I always check for the latest happening in Malaysia. It's post election, and sooo many unexpected things in the news lately. The state I'm living in is still without its MB (not official yet). But there's no chaos. That will never happen in Malaysia, I guess.

Not so much happening in my life now. Bosan..keje pun tak banyak sangat...everyday is just the same..bangun pagi, keje, balik keje at 5, tengok tv sampai malam, tido..the same thing repeated all over again..

Oh, maybe I'm pretty bz with one thing, completing my e-filling. It seems to go on forever. Macam banyak je nak claim but the problem is, I have to get all the receipts in order, alamak..banyak dah hilang laa...rugi betull...Last year dah silap kira, this year tak bole silap lg..from my rough estimation, I will be few hundreds biasa laa..LHDN ni bila nak suruh bayar cepat je, nak suruh return memang susah gilerr...


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