Another milestone in my life. Welcome to Es-Es-To-To-Fi….

During my cuti at my kampong, I decided to check out one of the latest housing area nearby. I have taken a look at an elite housing area previously but the thot of paying a fortune for a bungalow house that you are not sure whether to live-in or rent-out, is just unimaginable. I would love to settle down there but who knows what the future holds? I was thinking of a medium cost house, within my budget. At least, if I’m not gonna stay there, I can still rent it (since it is most unlikely for people to rent a bungalow in Melaka) .And I found it finally! The joy was endless.

The house will be completed end of 2009 or early 2010. A terrace house (not corner lot)and only 5 minutes drive from my parents’ home. 3 bedroom-2 bathroom, kitchen done, porch done, marbled floor. I don’t have to renovate the house at all since it is already a beautiful house, inside and out.

Well, as of today, Es-Es-To-To-Fi (SS225, my house number) is not officially mine since I haven’t signed the agreement yet (I paid for booking fees only), but that moment will come. House hunting is never easy and I hope I’m lucky the first time.

Thinking bout my new house really makes me smile and I just can’t wait for it to be completed. On what it will be, is still undecided. I am not really willing to rent it out after seeing it. Maybe my weekend house?


zOe said…
nice..i like d glass panels ...aku pun baru balik dr kch last weekn ..g househunting gak .. tgh high lagi ni ..kalau aku ni cop duit kan price in kch r xpensive!
parmak izi said…
Hello, is this malaysia?

I'm missing my penpall a lot of years ago. His name is Noor zaihan umarhan.

See you again. bye.

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