You might not want to read this...

Right now, I feel sooo mengantuk…in the office but not so much work to do. I’ll go crazy if I still didn’t have anything to do within the next week. I can’t wait for the new project to come in!!

I have this experience before. When I started working with MMC Kerteh, there were only 8 of us in the office. During that time, Kerteh branch was set up with purpose of having MMC presence felt in Kerteh. We were just here to carry MMC’s name, that’s it. Not much works coz we didn’t have enuff manpower. We did small projects but considered insignificant to MMC’s profit. That was THEN. When we started getting more works, the boss decided to beef up the manpower. In over 2 years, Kerteh branch no longer the “nasi tambah”. We are now one of the most profitable companies in MMC. Yep, I’m proud, but it took more than just hard works. It is about guts and confidence.

Back then, I was the only Process Engineer. All departments have only one rep. but the most critical is Process Engineer. We are the job starter. Other dept can only start work only after Process has completed the job. As a process engineer, we need to really study the project background and adhere to scope of work outlined by clients. If we are asked to recommend, more studies has to be done. It’s all about understanding the concept, and apply standard in line with the project. Everything needs to have solid explanation and theory behind it. It’s bout proving the theory. Lotsa calculations and engineering concepts. It is not that easy.

It is a dream comes true for me ever since I took Process as my minor for my Chemical engineering degree. I knew back then, it will be a difficult job, and having experienced it now, make me even happier for the choice I’ve made. I love the challenges and the respect people hold against the so-called “Process Engineer”. It is all about pretense. Pretend you are smart enuff to answer every question from your clients. Even in actual, you don’t have the answer, never forget to say “I’ll check with my senior later”.

It’s good to have this feeling. Like you know more than you actually know. But I’m learning and enjoy every moment of it.


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