IEM Dinner

So, this year kick starts with IEM Dinner for Terengganu Branch at Awana Kijal. For those in the dark about IEM, it stands for Institute of Engineers Malaysia. And I am proud to say that now, I'm officially an IEM member. Well, it's not becoz I attended the dinner but becoz I have just submitted the forms last week. It's my second step to becoming Professional Engineer, InsyAllah. The first step was taken 2 years back when I registered with BEM (Board of Engineers Malaysia). If I were to register earlier, it could speed up the process but I guess, it's better late than never, rite? Wish me luck!

Actually, my name was submitted (to the dinner) at the 11th hour. My boss and his assistants were supposed to attend the ceremony however, both of them were needed in KL for office matters and so, the junior engineers had to go (yeay!).

My table number. The dinner that nite was indeed splendid. It was 8 course Chinese Food Meal. The first time I got to taste the deliciuous shark fin soup. Loved it!

The other junior engineers, who went with me. We really had fun!

Our dear clients. We invited them with a purpose. Give us more projects, please...hehehe.....

And, like any other dinner, sure got artiste to sing. Sharifah Zarina (famous for Langit Ketujuh) kept us entertained thru out the nite (please refer first picture).


Mrs ZYI said…
wahhh impressed!!
rough said…
hebat2!! suka ko ek hal2 makan2 nih...alwayss!!

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