I'm being tough..

People say, when you break-up, it hurts. Well, I didn't feel anything. Am I even human?

Hey, but nothing to worry. Maybe I feel slight discomfort. Due to the fact that I'm single now. But I always thot that finding the right man is the most important thing. The "right man" is not someone good-looking, rich, famous or whatever but someone who really understands and loves me. It's not that I didn't give him any chances, but I'm tired of waiting for him, waiting for this relationship to even move an extra inch. He doesn't seem to wanting the relationship to go further. Well, if he's not, neither do I!. He seems to regret it. But he made no effort to really "pujuk" me.

Well, it's your lost! And I don't even care!


Mrs ZYI said…
babe, stay strong.

do feel free to share anything with me.

i'm just an email / a phone call away..

tk cr! :)
zOe said…
whatever that doesnt kill you will always make u stronger babe...jgn stranger udah :P

it will hurt in d bgning but ul get over it over time .. this year kita joli2 yer ..
rough said…
how come i never knew anything about this? sungguh mengejutkan...as ur friend, i shud at least know something.

uhuk uhuk...

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