Thank god it's Thursday!

I'm planning to go to Kuantan tomorrow. With thinning wallet, it doesn't seem like a good idea. Yeah, I know, it's early of the month, but this month, so many things to settle. And on Saturday, kenduri at Poksu's house. Poksu is now officially Eija's husband after the akad nikah last 2 weeks. Since I didn't attend the ceremony at Selangor (I was away on offshore trip), it is a must to attend kenduri at Poksu's house. Actually, there is another offshore trip this weekend but not wanting Eija to sulk and be mad with me, I have to reallyy beg the project engineer to postpone the trip to a later date. Initially, he refused to listen to me, since he and Petronas rep has agreed on the date and it almost impossible to tell your client that you cannot commit yourself on the date since one of us wants to go to kenduri. But I was damn lucky! Last 2 days, while having a meeting with a client, she reminded us about a meeting next week. We will not be available due to the offshore trip. The meeting has actually been agreed by us but the client took so long to confirm with us, and we thought it is to be postponed. I said yes to the client, and after that told the project engineer. So, dapatla g kenduri..hehe..

It will be another bz week next week. Work, work, and more work...Buddies, call me, let's go out!


zOe said…
herlll..check ur mailbox gurl..

ada rafting trip to chiang mai 28-31 july..jom ahh..ada elephant ride..melantak thai food ...moonlite rafting

if ur interstd ..pls buzz me back ...dateline by 29th june
zOe said…

just got b in kemaman next tuesday visit one nite...ko ada di darat kaa..kalau rajin mai la bawak aku jejln...hehe..pekena seafood ka..

tak sabarnyer nak melantak mkn sata n telur penyu..haha yeah i cannibalism one..

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