Thursday again..

It's already 430pm now. Another Thursday, yeyyey...I should be leaving the office at 4 pm but I am pretty bz here!! Got another offshore trip to Malong this weekend, so gotta settle all other works before leaving this office for the next 4 days. The one thing that really make me sooo happy for not being in the office next week is, I'll not be present during the audit session. How lucky am I? I just don't know whether I can answer all their questions. And no one can answer the questions that should be directed to me coz I am the only one in my department. Hehe..

Rite now, I'm looking at the IEM membership form which I just got from a talk I attended this morning. It was about the road to becoming Professional Engineer (Ir). The talk was ok la...And there were so many questions asked by the participants and I know how eager they are to becoming an Ir, including me. But I didn't know when I'll become one. Maybe in the next 5 years? Hope so! But I have to become IEM member first. I am BEM member already but it took me soooo long to apply for IEM.

OK la, have to go now. Till then...


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