Few days ago, a friend of mine told me about our uni friend got married over the weekend. Well, that shudn't surprise me or anyone else but the person she's marrying is the center of the talk. He's a foreigner, a Turkmen. Well, maybe it's nothing but heck, it caused quite a stir that day. I was not talking bout the wedding. I guess it must've gone smooth sailing.

This girl is really good with the foreign students back then, during our uni days. My college has quite significant numbers of foreigners: Turkmen, Viatnamese, Sudanese and South Africans. When I first started my study there, our batch is the first receiving foreign students. The first group was few Turkmen and South Africans. The Turkmen are like the Europeans, tall, white, blue-eyes. Of course, all the girls are falling head over heels over them. But being true "melayu", of course we didn't go and flirt openly with them. Well, she didn't either. But she's so good with them. She treated them like one of her own or maybe..lebih sket kot...hehe..we called her our own foreign minister, she was kind of bridging the gap between us and the foreign students.

But now, she's marrying one of them. Hmm.. good for her! All her practises during uni days paid off! Wow, she must've been dreaming bout her babies now coz they will be darn cute! If you're reading this, post your wedding pix k!


niQue_naQ said…
OMG!! is it who i thought it is? dah kawen ker?? tak jemput pun hehe semoga dia berbahagia ke anak cucu.. haah anak dia sure muka mix comel :p
herl said…
yup! tu la pasal! jeles la plak kat dia
rough said…
hehehe...aku yg banyak menolong tau paper work semua masa di ashgabad. so how? anyway, aku lunch ngan dia last 2 days, and dia mmg hepi...aku pun tumpang gembira sbb dia blanja aku makan chicken chop kat madam kwan...nice!!

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