L: Change the world

When you least expected it, you got it...well, at least that what happens to my wish to watch "L: Change the world".

My good friend invited me to go to Kuantan last nite with his buddy. I was reluctant at first. I need to go to a site visit the day after..penat laaa..but later changed my mind. I never thot that I would be rewarded with a visit to GSC watching my much awaited movie, L. I was glad I made the decision to go with them.

It's a japanese movie and it is a spin-off film of the Death Note movie series. The series is based on the manga Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. (source: Wikipedia). I've seen Deathnote 1 and Deathnote 2. I really love those movies and of course, watching the third installment is really a bonus!

It's bout an agent, L, spending the last 23 days of his life. It's a continuation from Deathnote 2, in which he wrote his name in the Deathnote. Whoever name was written in the book will die. Why, you ask? Hmm..just google it. But I really like this movie better than 1 and 2. Coz he's more human in this one.

Well, it's a good movie, time well spent on this one!

P/S: Yeah, I was a bit late to site visit the next morning..reached home at bout 230am..still sleepy now...


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