Lepak D Awana

Last week, my friends, Put and Nique lepak at Awana Kijal with another good friend of theirs, Syaza over the weekend. I was driving back to kerteh from Melaka, so I decided to drop by at the hotel. It felt good to lepak and gossiping with your friends near the beach. Just look at the pix I took:

Memang cun gilerr...

Later that nite, makan time!! The place: Grandview Restaurant. The one thing I must let you know is, after more than 2 years in Kerteh, I never set my foot there. It was my first time, and it surprised me how good the food really is. This is my meehun (Kantonis style, if I'm not mistaken)

All the good food we had (tunjuk sipi2 je dah laa..hehe)

Well, it had been a fun outing! We definitely shud do it more often....


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