What a weekend!

It was a three-day holiday to most of the companies in Terengganu but not mine. Since the cuti falls on friday, and not saturday, we didn't carry it forward. Nonetheless, it was one of the most enjoyable..ever..I was thinking of going to the office on Friday morning (what a loser!) but decided against it. I haven't finished reading Order of Phoenix...Around 4 pm, due to boredom to the extreme (and also the scorchingly hot weather), my housemates and I agreed on one place: Waterfalls called Air Menderu. About 15 km from our house. I've been there before and I had constantly warned them not to expect much. Look at these pictures:

The waterfalls tuh ok-ok je la..but the best thing is, climbing up the hills..after so long not exercising..hehe..

So, pelamin siapakah ini? It belongs to one of my best friend's sister. The wedding was on Saturday at Kg Telemong (really far k!). It took about 2.5 hours to get there from Kerteh. The journey back and forth took nearly 5 hours in total. But I spent only half an hour there. 30 minutes! Reason? My other friend wanted some company to watch Harry Potter at 5pm at Megamall Kuantan and later watched Ning Baizura and Senario showcase. How in the world would I say no?? Yes, I drove for 5 hours, rushing to Kuantan (luckily my friend is driving to Kuantan, back and forth), watched Harry, watched Ning..sigh..not tired at all! Ahaks..But towards the end of the day..after the showcase, nearly 11 pm..all I could think of is my bed..I really wanna sleep... Still, my friend asked me to lepak with friends at Teluk Chempedak..ngantuk k..I Have to work the next day..The rest of my friends still off on Sunday..


rough said…
wow...bestnyer!! benci plak aku tgk aktiviti ngko yg mcm2 nie. alwaysss tau mcm2 aktiviti bile aku takde. masa ade...tak pernah ajak plak.
Anonymous said…
even masa kau ada pun kita orang malas ajak kalau ada yg menariks hahaha...best siot ning. mantap kata anak saudara aku..
rough said…
ciss...mmg kurang asam di situh!!
zOe said…
ahh i luvvvvvv ning.. ..next time ada showcase kat planet ka ko turun kl tau...ada gak geng nak g tgk

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