I should be leaving the office now. But I just couldn't. Got few things to settle before the long break...I plan to drive to Melaka tomorrow morning. I'll be home for the next 4 days. Saje je cuti. On Tuesday, I'll be going to Duyong platfrom, another offshore trip for about a week. Someone is waiting for me there...hehehe...

Last nite, I watched "Heroes" final episode for season 1. Quite late actually, about 1230am...Couldn't catch the 900 pm show since I was working overtime like a maniac, so that I can enjoy my holiday. Very dissapointing finale...I think many will agree with me...None of them is dead...yet!..Err..maybe Lindermann...whatever...but, will I watch it again the next season? Definitely...Reality tv shows are BORING. I just want them dissappear for good!

P/S: My friends in Melaka, jom lepak-lepak..it's been so long la...I heard someone is pregnant...:))


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