Miri trip..

Last week, I went to Miri..for a business trip..went there with my boss, my other boss and my colleague. This is my second time in Miri. The first time, my team drove from bintulu to miri to search for document and went back to bintulu the same day..very tiring journey indeed...didn't get much time to enjoy miri..but this time..we really got the chance to fully discover Miri..

Miri is a town, can't quite compare it to my town, Melaka..Melaka is still the best town in the WHOLE world...hehehe...but it's sooo much better than Kerteh..We were supposed to stay at Eastwood resort, a golf resort, though it is very near the airport, but very far from the town of Miri..yeah, I know..this is a BUSINESS trip...but hey, since we paid for the accomodation (pay first, claim later), better get the better ones. This might be the last trip there since a new division of my company has just been set up there. No more chances of getting the job at this region. So, on the second day, we moved out from the Eastwood Resort to Mega Hotel.

Since our arrival, we aimed of getting these things:
1-Tasting Umai (raw fish mixed with lemon etc...)
2-Eating mee Kolok (famous sarawak dish)
3-Buying "Bario" rice
4-Go to "Pasar Tamu"
5-Go to "Pasar Malam"
I'm very happy to say, mission accomplished!

Day 1:
Travelling day. Drive very early in the morning (about 630 am) and picked up my colleague. The flight departed at 1020 am but Kerteh to Kuantan airport nearly takes 2 hours to drive. Parked my car at my colleague's house in Kuantan and..ready to fly! Ther are actually 4 of us but from Kuantan, there is only 2. We met the rest at KLIA, the World's Best Airport...flight to Miri departed at 2 pm..2 hours in the flight..cannot sleep...help!..i tried to make acquantaince with the person sitting next to me..an american, i think he is 40++. Travel to Miri from Houston, USA..If he was tired due to the long journey, he didn't show it, for he was busy chatting all the way to Miri..
Julia was the person who picked us up. And when we got to the resot..it was quite a comfy resort..all wooden rooms..the facilities are also great...but when nite came, all of us feeling soooo hungry...we had to eat at the restaurant in the resort...the food was great but...we wanted to experience the sarawak's food...not in the menu...sooo sad...that was the main resort to check out...

Day 2:
Still at Eastwood but we had booked Mega Hotel, ready to check-in rite after the meeting finished. Our client sent us to Mega hotel for checking-in. We were discussing about Pasar Tamu along the way and the client was so generous by dropping by at Pasar tamu and let us shopped around...must be our lucky day! Bought Bario rice there. Actually there are many colors, red, brown, white but at last, I settled for the white ones since the seller almost guaranteed that the white rice is the best among the rest..What is so special about this rice is, once it is cooked, it is bigger than the usual rice, and tastes better too..hope it's true..

Later, we decided to have our dinner with mee kolok in mind, but unfortunately, the eating place that we went didn;t serve mee kolok. We were quite disappointed. I did "tawaf" the whole area, but still, no stalls served that. uhukss..at last, i had mihun hailam..kat peninsular lg sedap laaa...uwaaa..

Day 3:
Second day of meeting..today was a breeze coz many issues had been discussed the day before. after lunch, we packed our things at the meeting room and ready to say goodbye to all members..we also got some useful tour tips given by the locals...
So far, as of this day, only 2 missions were accomplished: Going to Pasar Tamu and Buying Bario rice..another 3 to go!

We ventured into Miri town by walking and looking for souvenirs. My boss had his eyes on those "tikar sarawak". So, we accompanied him going here and there, looking for the "tikar". Before headed back to the hotel, sempat la makan mee kolok..ala, sama macam maggi jerrr.....quite frustrating gak la, but at least, we already tasted it...managed to snap a pix of a feminin scooter, pink kalerr....

Tonite we planned to go to "Pasar Malam". According to my senior, it is one of the best place to get cheap sarawak delicacies and stuffs. It was already buzzing with people when we get there. For ur info, it gets dark faster in Sabah/sarawak than in Peninsular Malaysia. It's already dark at 630pm there. We bought food at Pasar Malam (lots and losta food) and lepak at one stall and enjoyed our dinner there.

We were sooo kenyang and so satisfied with our meal and stuffs bought, we didn't expect the journey back to the hotel to be...tiring!! There was no taxi around (we got there by taxi) and we forgot to ask the taxi driver his number...so, we have to "menapak" about half an hpur gak la before we reach a mall and found the taxi stand...here are the "Lost Boys"

Feeling so tired when we got to the hotel..but I still got some works to do before sleeping like a baby....

Last Day:
Well, initially, I thought I wanna wrap up my days here in Miri with more shopping and sightseeings...but...I got up very late..about 9am...had breakfast..decided to shop around but only made it to the hotel mall...and later, packed all my barang2...not really interesting day...after checked out, it's time to say goodbyeee...

So long Miri, It's time to say goodbye...Dunno when I'll be there again but it's a good trip..


HELME said…
I hope I have chance to visit miri too in future. not really good I think, but nice to try..to be in slightly diff. environment

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