Herbalife...Day 0

This is probably my first attempt to really go on diet...it's not that I am really overweight..It's just that when I look at my recent pictures, I do not look good! I admit, my weight is above my ideal weight but it is not really a concern for me since I eat healthily (well, maybe there are few times not so healthy, I'm a human afterall!), sometimes do exercise with friends like hiking and rafting. I dun do jogging. I just hate it. huhu...yeah, maybe swimming sometimes. But the thing is, the last few years, after reaching my big three-0, my weight increases and then, stagnant at certain figure (not gonna tell the number!). Even tho I did so many things, like watching what I eat, exercising, it just so stubborn to go down. I've read and even listen to few friends' experience on herbalife. It has very good reputation, I can say. Tho I was unwilling to try at first, but since I'm getting nowhere with my weight, I thot, why not give it a lil try. Yes, it's expensive. But my resolution is just to reach till my weight before my big three-0. Not really skinny, or model look, you know. I can never be me if my weight is below 50kg! (Oppsss...)..So, let's see how do I fare with this Herbalife after few weeks or months..My plan is just to get my goal and then stop. But I still gonna watch what I eat and maybe exercise (tho not so much!).  And I will try me best to blog on my diet program from time to time. Today is day 0. Gonna start tomorrow. Wish me Luck!!


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