First weekend for 2009

My weekend was totally awesome! Here’s the list of places I went:

1) Sate Kajang Hj Samuri
The best thing about living in KL is you get to taste sooo many kind of food. It’s anywhere! My housing area is actually surrounded by so many stalls and restaurants. This time around, my hsemates and I decided to eat at Haji Samuri’s restaurant at Wangsa Maju. Then, it was famous for the size of sate and also the dippings, but now since it has been franchised, the size has become smaller. It looks like any other ordinary sate. But I still give hi fi to the dippings. Sedappp…

We decided to try every nasi goreng on the menu...hehe..ok2 laa

ABC Teringin...ok laa..

2) Danau Kota

I went there with my housemates. It’s very near our house. But since it was at nite, we decided to drive there. Finding parking really tested our patience. There are just soo many stalls, either selling imitation handbags, ladies clothing , or anything that you could name. it’s like pasar malam. But the diffence is, it opens till the wee hour of the morning (since it starts only from 10pm). Just look at the pix

Err..baju ni tak beli pun..saje amek gambar..

3) Cheng Ho
This is totally the hi-lite of the weekend. The one we have been waiting for.
I did ask for friends on opinion on this restaurant and all I heard is good reviews, so of course I couldn’t wait. We went there for lunch. The place is already buzzing with people when we get there. We ordered ala-carte. Tomyam fried rice and special fried mihun. Initially, we wanted to order for each of us but the waiter told us the portion for a medium (there is only medium and large) could be eaten by 2 person. So, we ordered 2. the wait for the food is like taking forever. Really forever. And to make matter worse, we just came back from our swimming class. We were already famished. After nearly 20 minutes, our first meal arrived. Fried rice tomyam. The serving is good enough for three of us. When the second one arrived, we tapau je…

Ni la makanan kitorang..lihatla serving for fried tomyam yg medium..memang kenyang giler and sedap gilerr....rasa penat tunggu semua hilang dah bila makan...

4) Swimming Class
After few years not taking swimming class, I guess it’s just the right time to join one. Lgpun, this is one of the way to kuruskan badan. Hehe…the swimming class took place at Sekolah Sri Inai. Me and Ida, my housemate yg sama giler dengan I nihhh..

This is the place....Gambar kat dalam tak amek la..censored yerr..hehe

Just after the class. Surprisingly, tak penat lgsung..best2...

Me and mate..

What a great weekend to start 2009. Great beginning seems to promise great year, I hope?


niQue_naQ said…
babe! nak ikut join swimming class! bila dan how much?
aiza said…
Hi k.ina, sejak dok KL ni nampak mcm dah tembam skit la...huhu
herl said…
ahakss....makan banyak sangattt..kena kuruskan badan nihhh..
HELME said…
amboi seronoknya dia!

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