Stop reading!

If you're not my colleague from my previous company, you don't want to read this. And if you didn't call me yesterday, you don't want to read it either. Please stop here.

Yeah you guys called me. Should I thank you for contacting me after all these years? Did you even realize why I didn't want to keep in touch with you? Yeah, maybe you knew why but refused to acknowledge it. Or pretend nothing happened. Well, YOU could pretend as if nothing happened but the victim is ME! It wasn't easy for me to forget it. I've forgiven you guys but I still feel bitter bout it.

You could be saying that it was only fault of certain "people", or rather, a "people". But as a group, it was YOUR responsibility to tell me the truth. How could you guys knew what was going on but still, kept mum bout it? I thot u guys were my friends? Maybe I was wrong!

I felt that you didn't treat me as ur friends. I was not. I was like a pawn for u guys to let go of ur free time. As of now, I'm not ready to be friends with you again. Maybe in time, I will. So, my advise is, better try ur luck next time.


rough said…
isk isk...mcm2 plak skrg yer.

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