More BLOOD, please...

I'm baaaccckkk...I was away on the offshore trip to Tiong-A platform. Lately, it's all bout work..sometimes feeling like wanted to collapse..maybe due to the pressure of, I thot..

At the platform, down to work again..working 12 hours a day (630am to 630 pm). But the thing that I like bout going to the platform (other than for the food..hehe..), is that, eventho working the so-called "12 hours", it's not really. We can take our own sweet time, and no rushing to complete the job (my job is one of the easiest of all dept)..also, there's always break in between. meeting at 630am (yawn...), get the permit ready, start working at 8, break for branch at 9, work again at 930, break for lunch at 1230, work again at 230, break again for tea at 330, stop working at 5, attend meeting at 530, close permit at 630. during the nite, either watching tv or have another discussion with my team. at 10pm, sleeping time! It does feel good if THAT's the only thing I do. Malas betul nak balik opis and start doing report and calculation. Letih..

Due to the heavy workloads, I've been experiencing regular headache and disoriented. Sometimes near collapsing. At the platform, I went to my favorite place, my candy shop, Medic room. The medic is one friendly guy and also my bathroom partner. Ehem..we only share bathroom and not bedroom, mind you! So, we have to set time in the bathroom. 545am is my shower time and his is at 600am. Whenever I was in the bathroom, gotta lock the other door and so does he. Well, back to this medic finding, I went to see him to check on my blood pressure. I've checked my blood pressure before and the figures doesn't please the doctor at all. it was low. But they said maybe due to my hormon. That's what they said. This time, the result did'nt shock me. It was still low (57/87). But what the medic told me made me uneasy.

He told me that I should increase my blood pressure at least to 60/100. If not, I could collapse. My low blood pressure was caused by low red blood count (anaemia) and I need to increase it by taking more and more protein. The low blood presure is not good when you are stresses out and can cause complication during giving birth. That scares me. Not that I'm gonna get married and giving birth soon but the thot that I was unhealthy was not something I'm comfortable with. I always thot that I'm healthy. I rarely get fever or any other sickness (other than flu, of course!). I never care to what I eat, coz I thot I was eating rite. Yeah, it was rite but I need more.

Upon hearing this, I started taking protein like hell. I took meat, mutton, chicken, and also Milo. My colleagues were stunned when they watched me taking whatever being offered in the galley. I ate and feel like throwing up. Eating so much protein makes you full in a very short time. I could not eat anything else for the next 12 hours. But I'm trying very hard to increase my blood pressure. When I checked up my blood pressure again, it only increase a lil, 60/80. I was overjoyed at first when I saw the 60 coz I thot I was normal again but the medic told me that my systolic reading, the second reading is decreasing and I need to take more protein or start taking multivitamins.

Multivitamins? I can buy it, I will take it, but it will only last for few weeks or worse, few days. I'm not a person who likes to take all these pills and swallow it on time. It just would'nt work. But to take more and more protein? I'll work on it..


niQue_naQ said…
babe, i have the same condition, mine is like a permanent thing hereditary the whole female line in my family have it, my blood pressure turun naik around 50 to 60 every month huhu how i deal with it? take iron and zinc tablets and eat lots of meat and liver,and shell seafood like kerang, mussels etc insyallah boleh control :)
same lah kite kan, its a bit difficult cos kite kerja turun naik kapal etc work load melampau pun nanti effect jugak huhu
take care of yourself aite!
Lina said…
yeke? glad to know that ade someone else yg sama take care too!
rough said…
weii...herlina, aku di msia skrg and number utk 2 mgu nih sila salin 017 6089192 sbb number yg biasa ku guna tertinggal di sane. bengang betul aku. sila sms or call k...

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