Deepavali in Kay Ell

At first, I thot of spending the 3 day holiday (Deepavali is on Thursday, Friday and Saturday are my off days) doing nothing in Kerteh. But suddenly, on Tuesday, at 4 pm, when my mind was already on the activities to be done after office hours (pasar malam, go out with friends), my boss called me to his room. "Herlina, join the meeting at KL office tomorrow at 1230 pm". What??

After 30 minutes, my hotel room has already been booked, my transportation is settled. It is surely one of the fastest decision made by my boss. Actually, I was thinking of going to KL during the Deepavali but due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to abandon the idea. Maybe Allah heard my prayer and granted my wish..hehe..So, off I go to KL.

Since it's been a while I haven't been to KL, a list of friends to meet suddenly came flashing in my mind..aiyoo..this is very hard...I would like to apologize to few of my friends for not telling you about my being in KL. I was there for a very short trip (the meeting itself took about one whole day), and could not meet you guys. Maybe some other time?

Here are some pictures taken during my trip there:

View from my hotel room..Masjid As-Syakirin KLCC

Desert at Secret Recipe. Had lunch with frens there. It was truly a lunch to be enjoyed.

Me with my new "anak angkat", Hamzah. Before boarding the bus back to Kerteh,I called my fren, Ti to lepak with me at The Mall. This is my first time with Hamzah but he is the-ever-good-boy, never seem to bother that I am still a stranger to him. I think he likes me!


Mrs ZYI said…
hmmphh! aku la tu salah sorg yg ko tak inform nk turun kay-el, hehe.. iman tunggu je ni duit raya dr aunty her dia.. :P
Lina said…
ooppss..sorry yerrr..

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