Welcoming the new year, 2007!

Well, it's another year...I still didn't fully enjoy my 2006, and now, come 2007. 2006 is best remembered for my Bangkok trip and me transfered from KL Office to Kerteh Office. As many of my friends enjoy the new year by making new resolutions, me..no! I can't even remember if I did that for 2006. But I certainly have some plans layout for this year....another international travelling, buying house, stuffs for the house. This year, it's all about money...hehehe..

This year I hope is better than next year (typical new year statement). Better and more meaningful...I still can never forget my real ambition. Everyday I hope I'm closer to that. Whatever it is, I'm not telling...It's for me to keep. It is achievable, I know. I am a very simple person (I think!) and my demands are not much.


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