Kelantan, anyone?

Well, last week, as I planned my bandung trip, finding hotels, places to go, suddenly I remembered that I joined a club, more like a club who manges your holidays or fav events like birthdays or anniversaries. People who knew me would be surprised with me joining this club, but, it might be useful one day, you know (I hope it's true!). So, I called my agent (each member has their own agent to cater for your every needs), and she has given me their choices of hotels in Bandung with quotations, I mean, after discounted price, of course (Since that is the function of me joining this club anyway). While we were still on the phone, she told me that I was entitled to this so-called free holiday which will expire on March. I quickly browsed thru the catalogue that was sent to me soooooo long ago (I think it was last year, when was that?) that yup, there is a voucher of 2 days 1 nite free accomodation in any place in Malaysia. There are actually hundreds of hotels being listed. I've been looking at the hotel list for quite some time now, maybe the last few days and my final three are:
1- Pangkor (Snorkelling!!)
2- Genting ( Can't wait for Superman ride!!)
3- Kelantan (shopping!!)

After listening to some thoughts from my friends, I think Kelantan is most desirable. Simply becoz I never set my foot there! I think it will be a wonderful trip.


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