Hah! It's been MORE than a year actually!!! The last time I blogged about Jeju island, I planned to blog more about Seoul, but guess what?? Time flies and here I year after...wat made me NOT blogging? A question which I have no answer. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHY DO I BLOG AGAINNNNNN?

Well, dun get overexcited yet coz I have no idea whether this will be a continuous thinging or just something to pass my time as of now...During the last one year, not much really happened EXCEPT I went to Europe last month...yeay, it was nothing....


After Seoul trip, my friends kinda undecided on where to go next. New Zealand was surely on the map but then.....Airasia decided to stop the route to Christchurch.....sigh..... I was the first to suggest Europe...but u know, Europe vacay is not cheap and deciding on which countries to go is another headache. I told my friends that I wanna go to London, Paris and Rome. THAT'S ALL...huhu...they told me it's not gonna be cheap and most of them have been to London and Paris.

Ermm..quite a problem for me...But still, I need friends who would be interested to go with me and it seemed at first that I'm willing to let go my preferences as long as I get to go there. But due to cost and time, the only one who is interested is ME. I was thinking of making it on my own when a friend told me to google Kelana Convoy. At first, I was sceptical to go with tour group since I prefer doing the planning, budgeting and all on my kind. Deciding where and when to go on my own time is a luxury no travel agent will be able to give me, BUTTTTT that only applies for a group vacation...meaning, I love to do planning, budgeting BUTTT with friends...IT IS SAFER TO GO IN GROUPS...especially for ladies like penakut jugak laa..and the most important factor is, it is ALWAYS CHEAPER TO DO ON YOUR OWN. Right? But I was left with no choice since the only one who wants to go to Europe in 2012 is ME! Since the tour price is quite cheap (GBP 649 for 8 countries in 16 days), and summore Malaysian Muslims are handling it, I was really set to go. For those of u who have no idea what Kelana Convoy is...PLEASE GOOGLE it! huhu...

The price of 649 is for camping, but there are cabins provided at the campsite, and for that, pls prepare to pay extra. I am fine with camping. Hey, I AM ADVENTEROUS, right?? But, I didn't camp the whole journey, there are places which I opted to cabin.

So, my decision has been made last year, maybe sumwhore in August..made my first payment to KC (Kelana Convoy) in December, followed by 2nd payment, bought flight ticket (My first time boarding MAS for international flight, and I Am soooo jakunnn), settle accomodation in London (I stayed at Malaysian Hall!) and off I go to EUROPE!!! Where did I go? From London (well, KC tour does not cover London, so has to do London on my own, but London is easy to travel), the bus (yeap!) crossed the Eurotunnel to Amsterdam, then down to Heidelberg and Fussen in Germany, down to Innsbruck, Austria (most t-shirts here says " There is no Kangaroo in Austria", very amusing!), down to Venice, Rome, Vatican City (this is a country, not just part of Rome, ok!) and Pisa in Italy, heading up to Jungfrau in Switzerland and lastly to Paris before back to London. That's where I went in 16 days...pheww...AND I HAVE NEVER ENJOYED MYSELF MORE....up to this day, I thought I was dreaming. I dreamt to go to all those places but seriously, after that trip it was still a dream to me. It was surreal...The whole trip is about 21 days (plus about 4 days in London, shopping bestnyerrr kat London!!) and I took 14 days annual leave for that trip! There were sooo many things happened before and during the trip, the good things mostly, which made feel that I am so blessed for getting this chance.

Let's see if I am able to tell you about the trip in the next chapter..


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