Hi Seoul!!- Part I

Dear bloggers...
It's been few weeks after my SKorea Trip and up until now, I still miss the days I spent there with my other 6 friends...Really wanting to post pictures here but unfortunately, all my pix are in my other hard disk. But I've been uploading the pix in my fb! I took the liberty of uploading the pix everyday during my time there since the wi-fi is almost everywhere and super fast too! I'm really impressed!!
The trip which started with only 3 people, grows into a 7 people trip!! Imagine my worry! I've been organizing the trip to Bali for 10 people so this is almost like nothing. But seriously, in Bali, all ground arrangement has been done prior to the trip. Accomodaation, transportation (since there are 10 of us, it is darn cheap to travel everywhere by van!)...but here, in Seoul, I've only confirmed the accomodation, and for transportation, in Seoul, we fully utilised the subway and in Jeju, before going there, I almost has no information...huhu...we planned to let course take its way during Jeju trip, and I was a bit worried. Because people say, everything in Jeju is expensive, so of course I feared it wud do some serious damage to our budget. And I tell you, we didn't bring much money....

People say, everything in SKorea centered around Seoul. Well, maybe that's true coz we didn't plan any trip outside of Seoul. Maybe the farthest wud be Nami Island and Everland. Some of the tourist we met suggested we go to Buhsan or Mount Seorak, but since it's not really in our itenerary, we passed it. But other people might not want to pass the chance like we did. It depends on ur interest, tho. When we reached Seoul that Friday nite, we took Arex straight to our guesthouse in Hongik. At first we just booked the guesthouse because it's an all girls dorm. Litle that we know that our guesthouse is located at Hongik Station, Subway Line 2 which is directly connected to Arex, which made our journey to the airports, Incheon Airport (our flight from Malaysia) and Gimpo Airport (our flight to Jeju) so much easier. I really recommend you guys to stay somewhere in Hongik for you to have that advantage. Hongik is also where the universities are located, with Hongdae as the most popular university. So, the night life here is quite happening. Well, it's no use to us, but for some, this is wat you are looking for!
The owner of the guesthouse (Carpe Diem Guesthouse) is Seri, and she's living with the guests. We stayed there for 7 nights. 3 nights before going to jeju and another 4 nights after jeju trip. With this arrangement, we manage to persuade her to store our spare luggage during Jeju trip in her house. Thanks Seri!
The second day in Seoul, it was raining heavily. Our plan to walk to the palaces had to be replaced with going to indoor places like Itaewon (to eat!) and Star World Avenue. It is quite surprising to note that most of the places there still do not open at 11am! So unlike KL. We had to walk around to wait for the shops to open. Luckily we had our umbrellas with us. Before going there, I had checked for the weather forecast regularly. As forecasted, it's going to rain during the second day we were there, but for other days, there are some inconsistencies in the weather forecast. So we were hoping we could see some sunshines there since rain wud dfntly put a halt to all the activities planned. Luckily, it only rained on the second day. We were blessed! After Itaewon, we went to Lotte Star World. This is a must go place for kpop lovers. Here, they kind of have the walk of fame (or rather the wall of fame) for famous stars like Jang Geun Suk (mine! mine!), Big Bang, Rain, etc. I was beyond ecstatic! Yeah, I forgot to mention that, if anyone plans to travel within Seoul, what you need to know is which subway you need to take (there are about NINE subways here!), where to stop AND which exit you need to take. It's not like here in Malaysia where when you stop at a station, you can immediately see the place you wanna go. Here, they have about 10 exits per station! So, better do your research properly. By taking subway, it might be troublesome since chances are, you might need to ask people for direction, and some of these people doesn;t know english that much and there are some who just refused to communicate with you, but still, subway is the cheapest way (well, maybe bus is cheapest, if you know where to stop, but we just avoid using us becouse of language barrier). And the subway is easy to use once you get the hang of it. Plus, it's the way of life here.

Then, there's a one day trip to Nami Island....what can I say...one of the most enjoyable place we had been. The journey itself is really one thing to enjoy. Since we opt for subway, there are like 3 or 4 lines of subway plus ground train we need to take. Since there had been some changes on the train route, the old direction couldn't be followed. So, here we are, 7 of us, not knowing where to stop and where to go from our Hongik Station. Luckily we didn't get lost thanks to some people at the station who helped us along the way. There is also an interesting story about an Ahjussi (uncle) who was willing to help us to the point of going with us to the Nami Island. He was friendly at first, and later, we found him quite annoying...huhu...sorry Ahjussi. Because of some misunderstanding, we had to leave him before embarking on our boat to Nami Island. We really regret it, hopefully u don't hate us Ahjussi!
Nami Island is all about taking pictures. Everywhere we go, are ideal places to camwhore. Imagine SEVEN girls giggling all the way while taking pictures. We had lotsa fun. I wish I can upload some pix!!Arghh..When it's time to go back, 2 of us decided to try bungee jumping there. Well, it was not in my itenerary and I'm not in the mood, so I decided not to do it. So unlike me, right?...well, maybe next time...

Then there's Jeju trip for 3 days....I just love Jeju...beautiful island....but, that, has to wait for another post....see ya!!


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