Hi All...Anyeong Haseyo!!

Hi fellow bloggers.....it has been sooooooooooooooooooooo long!! I know....

Been busy with new job nowadays....but I'm back busying myself with the weekend activities starting from this week!!

At the same time, I need to gather information for S.E.O.U.L trip!! planning this trip really is a challenging one due to languages barrier and also......FOOD!! I'm gonna be thinner once I got back from that trip. Up to this date, I still haven't a clue where to stay. Thanks for abundance of info from a friend here. Dfntly a big help!! But still, I still hv my fear. Just hoping everything will turn out ok....And now, there is another worrying concern about this trip. The volatile atmosphere between Pyongyang and Seoul.....arghhh...so hoping they will be ok again...No war pls!! not only for the sake of my trip but War is nasty. Dun want my JGS to be in that war....huhu...who JGS u ask?? my new hero, Jang Geun Suk, popular actor in Korea. I dunno where is Won Bin is hiding now....

Yeah, the decision to visit Korea is hugely driven by my luv for Korean dramas. They are the latest craze. While browsing a Korean drama website, I noticed the traffic is mostly from US and.........................Malaysia!! From this trend, I strongly suggest that they bring in more korean actors here, to Malaysia!! haha..

Wow, on another note.....Happy New Year!! Cant believe it's already 2011! How time flies...Well, everyone, let's cheer up our lives, ok?!


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