Shopping in Singapore....

Picture courtesy of wikipedia

Sorry guys...some of friends even suggesting to close down this blog since I didn't write for sooooooo longggggg............So sorry!!! It wasn't easy, I tell ya!

Right now, been bz with end of year activities and also, my new house is also has been completed and ready to be occupied...I am bz with thinking of wiring, lamps, bedroom, etc, etc..getting headache here and now...still I managed to squeeze in trip to Singapore this christmas. been thinking to go there since so long ago. people says christmas season in singapore is meriah...just nak tengok..and of course do some shopping while I was there! hehehe...

We'll be taking off on dec 24 (memg christmas eve betul) and leaving singapore on dec 27. this will be the only oversea trip this year since in july dah perabih kat mount kinabalu, kan?

hmm...even my opismates is ready with their list of stuffs to "kirim". but sorry guys, don think i can stuff in many items in my bag since my list pun dah panjang luggage is only 15 kg..lupa la nak buy extra...but if anyone willing to sponsor, ok jeee...hehehe..


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