Rooting for Adam Lambert..

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It's AI season (well, nearly over..hehe) and if I can vote, I'll surely vote for none other than Adam Lambert! (well, Kris Allen nearly get my vote after "Heartless" last 2 nites, but too bad, coz I just lurve Adam)...

I was on his side since I heard his rendition of Born To Wild...then got swooned over after listening to Mad World..he's the only singer I look for in AI ever since...err..maybe Kris Allen's "Heartless" is exceptional...but still, I'm rooting for Adam Lambert!! Yesterday while attending a technical seminar, I almost fell off my chair coz of my excitement over Adam's entry to AI Finale next week. I browsed google news (thanx for 3g phone) at exactly 12pm since I knew the result wud be out by that time. Luckily I didn't scream for joy..but that wud make the boring seminar a fun one..hmm..maybe I shud do that, didn't I?..hehe

Hopefully he wins it!!


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