You Would Win Best Supporting Actor / Actress

You are a quirky, fascinating person. You understand the world well.

There's no one quite like you. Your uniqueness leaves a strong impression on people.

You are bold and willing to take risks. People may love or hate you, but at least they'll notice you.

You are just different enough to make a great character actor. You can make a smaller part come alive.

This is of course, in line with the Oscars last few days. Eventho I didn't watch Slumdog Millionaire, I knew it was no surprise they came out as the big winner. I was rooting for Benjamin Button, tho! I'm going to watch it in another hour...


HELME said…
hi... long time no see. bussy skit.
last week kat miri, internet kureng.

next week aku gi KL seminggu.. jommm lepak!!

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