Last week, I had a meeting at KL Office. The meeting was short and so do my stay there. But it was good to meet old friends there.

This is the view of the road to the Kuantan Airport. It's the Election season..will I do my part? hmmm...(anyway, undi adalah rahsia k!)

Below, gambar2 mkanan sepanjang di KL.

Dinner at Cozy Corner, Ampang Park. Good food, but my stomach can't hold it anymore. Kenyang giler coz been eating all day long...

Nasi Ayam Mengcongkam...Introduced by Put. Memang sedap giler...Recommended to all..

ABC Kelapa Laut..this one at KLCC food court.

Below is my pix with the rest of the gang, dining at Bora Ombak...really cozy place...

Put, my good friend, the ever best hostess! Tenkiu for letting me stay in your house...and also for showing me the best place to eat Nasi Ayam!

Me, posing dengan cunnyerr...notice my new accessory?

With the rest of the gang! Sorry, a bit blur due to the lampu, spoil giler..From Left to Right: Nique, Huda, Najah, Me and Put. we managed to discuss bout our up and coming "Batch Reunion"..after 5 years, we certainly geared up for it..I can't wait for the announcement, guys!

menu at Bora Ombak...err..this is actually for lunch..maybe I'll try it next time..

And lastly...look at the pix below...the yummiest cupcakes ever from our master chef, Puteri Roselyn (put)...i never thot cupcakes could be that soft and colorful! You go, girl!


HELME said…
Put looks nicer, and cuter with tudung...sweet!
Mrs ZYI said…
weh, if only i picked up d fon earlier, mungkin bole jumpe ko dah! errrkkk next time la kot eh?

nyway, nice knowing (looking at pics) u guys had fun :) puuuttt.. i pun nk rase gaks cupcakey u itu.. iskk iskk.. ngidam la plak heheh (no not that pregnant-ngidam laa, sila jgn confused ini cuma ngidam biasa2 saje..)

oh reunion? jgn lupakan dakkuuu..

lenkali turun KL, do let me know, yah?

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